PFS Ecological Logs are produced through an innovative, high-temperature compacting technique involving no glue or additives. Out of the same environmental concerns, our logs are packed in recycled carboard using a minimum of ink.


PSF has been in the wood manufacturing business for over 25 years, and by using recycled hardwood sawdust and wood chips, we are helping to preserve the environment.
Because we are committed to protecting the environment, we sell a 100% natural product with high calorific value to replace traditional heating logs.
PFS Ecological Logs release less creosote and up to 50% fewer fine particles. They produce less ash than traditional logs. Plus, these logs are easy to carry and store. We precision trim the ends of each log and re-use all trimmings, so PFS Ecological Logs are smooth and leave no debris behind. They can be used in fireplaces and slow combustion stoves, as well as for camping.



Twin Ports Testing Inc.

Moisture Total ASTM D3173 wt. %   6,48
Ash ASTM D3174 wt. % 0,07 0,06
Sulfur ASTM D4239 wt. % 0,027 0,025
Gross Heating Value ASTM D5865 BTU/lb 8414 7869


Buying PFS Ecological Logs means opting for
a high-yield and eco-friendly alternative heat source.